MIT Reality Hack 2023


AirDrop XR lets you drag-and-drop from your phone to the real world for viewing in Augmented Reality.
A few reflections from the hackathon:

  • Spatial and passthrough AR/VR won’t be in an everyday wear form factor for some time to come. However, it will be compelling for at home leisure and learning (Would you rather pay \$60 a session for a professional music teacher or pay \$7 month subscription to have world class teachers in passthrough for any instrument)
  • Everyday wear use cases should focus on note taking / retrieval and anything that requires instant action (since screen/sensors are always present), instead of any spatial / registered graphics augmented reality
  • Haptx had an impressive demo where I could feel a spider crawling on my hand, a soft field of wheat, a cloud with lightning strikes, rain, and a plank of wood on a barn that resisted my finger pushing down. Expensive (40k?) and heavy (2x 20+ lb machines).
  • Unity scenes are not easily mergeable with version control, Unity’s additive scenes or more heavily relying on prefabs helps manage this.